Our Amazing Team

Laura B


Alma Mater: UCLA BA Communication Studies, Loyola Marymount MA Elementary Education

Subjects/Age experience: Prior to opening Miss Bee’s I taught 2nd grade at Hermosa Valley and I privately tutored Hermosa and Manhattan Beach students of all ages.

Biggest accomplishment: I am proud of creating Miss Bee’s Tutoring and am thrilled to see how it has evolved since I first opened it 7 years ago. My goal was to provide our community with access to exceptional educational support and enrichment, and it has become so much more than I could have hoped for. I have my teachers at Miss Bee’s to thank for making Miss Bee’s the best learning center in the South Bay. From the day Miss Bee’s opened, the teachers have proven to be some of the most brilliant, passionate, caring, and collaborative educators that I have ever met. Every day I am amazed by all that they do for their students and our community. It has been a privilege to work side by side with these teachers and to see the huge impact they make on our South Bay kids and teenagers. It takes a village, and it is my goal to continue meeting the needs of our community and the families that we serve.

Life Motto: Your day will go the way the corners of your mouth turn.


Manager & Client Relations

Nickname: Miss Lynn

Alma Mater: University of South Carolina

Biggest accomplishment: Magna Cum Laude graduate

Teaching inspiration: I’m inspired to work at Miss Bees’s for the kids. They start with us hoping to improve, then soon enough, they come to my desk with a smile from ear to ear-holding their “A+” test score in their hand. That always makes me smile!

Life Motto: “There’s no such thing as a mistake... unless, you do it twice!”



Alma Mater: UCLA

Subjects/Age experience: Middle School - math, english, history, beginning spanish

Biggest accomplishment: I love the fact that I was a Women's Studies major, I think it made me a better person. Women's Studies allowed me to broaden my perspective on culture, politics and life in general.

Teaching inspiration: I want kids to know that there are people like them. Math is hard! So just because you aren't doing well now, doesn't mean you won't be doing well soon. Everyone is different and unique, and has the ability to succeed.


Homeschool Specialist

Alma Mater: Loyola Marymount University

Subjects/Age experience: I tutor all subjects (reading, writing, math, etc.) for students in grades K-6. I also help run the home-school program and plan curriculum for home-school students in grades K-8.

Biggest accomplishment: I have been teaching for the past 8 years. In addition to teaching in Southern California, I also received my TEFL and taught in Spain for 2 years in a bilingual first grade classroom.

Life Motto: Have an Attitude of Gratitude - or- Knowledge is Power


Homeschool Specialist

Alma Mater: Auburn University

Subjects/Age experience: Reading, wrtiting, math - K through 5

Biggest accomplishment: Strong reading teacher, taught kindergarten prior to working as a tutor. On a mission to make learning fun.

Teaching inspiration: Inspired by people who work hard to make the world a better place.

Life Motto: "I'm too busy working on my grass to see if yours is greener."



Alma Mater: Loyola Marymount University

Subjects/Age experience: Math, History, English, Science - 1st through 12th Grade

Teaching inspiration: I'm inspired a positive influence for future generations

Life Motto: Continuous improvement is better than delayed perfection. - Mark Twain



Alma Mater: CSU Fullerton

Subjects/Age experience: I specialize in general education and provide reading support for elementary aged students.

Biggest accomplishment: In my full-time job, I facilitate children with special needs.

Teaching inspiration: I chose to work in education to try to make a positive impact in children’s lives.

Life Motto: “A positive thinker sees the invisible, feels the intangible, and achieves the impossible.”



Alma Mater: UC Berkeley (undergrad), USC Law School (JD)

Subjects/Age experience: Social sciences and humanities, Spanish: all ages and levels, Math: through Geometry, College-essay writing

Biggest accomplishment: I almost made it on to College Jeopardy, but struggled with buzzing in (it's really hard!)

Teaching inspiration: I hope that I can instill a love of learning for its own sake: we attend school not just to learn technical skills or prove our worth to employers, but to become better citizens and more reflective human beings.

Life Motto: "More obscene than anything is inertia" -Henry Miller



Alma Mater: UC Irvine

Subjects/Age experience: Mostly preschool through 3rd grade, but I tutor kids through 8th grade.

Biggest accomplishment: I’ve been teaching for over 15 years and have volunteered at various outreach programs overseas. I’ve also helped build a school in an under privileged community in Mexico. Besides being a tutor, I am a Certified Pilates Instructor, Nutrition Specialist, and Studio Owner at The Pilates Nook - Manhattan Beach

Teaching inspiration: It’s so rewarding to empower children and help them learn so they can seize every opportunity that comes their way.

Life Motto: Live, laugh, love, learn and enjoy every moment!



Alma Mater: CSUDH

Subjects/Age experience: Algebra, Geometry, Trig, & Stats, Environmental/ Earth Science, Geology, and Physics - 6th to 12th grade

Biggest accomplishment: I have an AA degree in Applied Science and Math, and a BS degree in Earth/Environmental Science. I also have a Geotechniques Certificate. I am CEQA Certified and CBEST Certified.

Teaching inspiration: I am inspired to teach because I love when kids begin to understand math.

Life Motto: Life isn’t about waiting for the storm to pass… It’s about learning to dance in the rain.



Alma Mater: UCLA

Subjects/Age experience: I tutor middle school and high school students in math (pre-algebra, algebra, and geometry).

Biggest accomplishment: Currently, I work at an elementary school and by the spring of 2018 will have completed my multi subject credential.

Teaching inspiration: It is my goal to help every student reach their own learning goals and help them unleash their full potential. stemmed from my past educators cheering for my individual success and instilling confidence in me when I didn't have any for myself.

Life Motto: You are braver than you than you believe, stronger than you seem, and smarter than you think you are. – Christopher Robin

Laura G


Alma Mater: UCLA

Subjects/Age experience: I tutor Elementary through high school level English, and French. I tutor all subjects in Elementary School.

Biggest accomplishment: I published my first novel when I was 17 and have since led various writers’ workshops at the elementary, middle, and high school levels. I designed the curriculum for all levels of French, including the Advanced Placement course at Mater Dei High School.

Jessica S


Nickname: Jess

Alma Mater: UC Santa Barbara: BA. University of Glasgow, Scotland: MA

Subjects/Age experience: English, History, Humanities and Study Skills (all ages) and Homework Club.

Biggest accomplishment: National Society of High School Scholars; Deans List Honors, Undergrad; Published Author, MA Thesis.

Teaching inspiration: The opportunity to motivate someone to find their highest potential... and have fun :)

Life Motto: "Exaggerate the essential, leave the obvious vague." -Van Gogh



Alma Mater: Loyola Marymount University

Subjects/Age experience: Primarily the 3rd through 5th grades, as well as a middle school Math and Science teacher.

Biggest accomplishment: I have enjoyed 14+ years of teaching and served as an Assistant Principal at an elementary school for one year.

Teaching inspiration: Greatly influenced by my mother, who was a distinguished teacher and principal, I chose to pursue a new career in education.

Life Motto: I dedicate myself to helping all students grow academically, socially and emotionally. As a teacher, I lead my students through rigorous and meaningful instructional lessons. My expectation is to instill in them “habits of mind” that inspire learning, and also develop responsible character.



Alma Mater: UC Davis

Subjects/Age experience: Middle school and high school math.

Biggest accomplishment: Prior to working at Miss Bee's, I ran my own tutoring business in Northern California.

Life Motto: Positives in everything.



Alma Mater: Penn State University

Subjects/Age experience: Currently tutoring upper elementary and middle school students in all subject areas.

Biggest accomplishment: I'm a Special Education teacher and have been teaching for 8 years. I've worked in a mental health clinic in Aurora Colorado for 6 years and have been teaching Biology and Earth Science at a private high school in Manhattan Beach for the past 2 years.

Teaching inspiration: I enjoy the kids I get to teach and the staff I work with.

Life Motto: Psalm 34:8 - Taste and see that the Lord is good; blessed is the one who takes refuge in him.

Jessica M


Nickname: Jess

Alma Mater: UCLA

Subjects/Age experience: High School Chemistry, Physics, English, Math, Government and College level pre-medical.

Biggest accomplishment: I competed in Division I, Pac 12 Conference athletics for 4 years in a brand new sport. After trying out, the UCLA Rowing team awarded me a walk-on position with no previous experience. I was a soccer player, not a rower! But with great coaching, I learned the sport, gained a scholarship and became a captain! I even achieved a national award for my accomplishments! I started a new sport once again after college and am now competing and training as a professional beach volleyball player using the same learning and training strategies I did in rowing.

Teaching inspiration: “All leaders are learners.” - Rick Warren. I love inspiring people to do what they once thought they couldn’t by providing the right tools to succeed!

Life Motto: “Success is peace of mind which is a direct result of self-satisfaction in knowing you did your best to become the best you are capable of becoming.” -John Wooden




Nickname: Cammykins / Cammalammabangbang

Alma Mater: PetSmart - graduated with honors from puppy and intermediate classes.

Subjects/Age experience: Bring happiness and comfort to people of all ages.

Biggest accomplishment: I can make anyone smile with my calm demeanor, wet kisses, and waggy butt.

Teaching inspiration: Inspired by treats, carrots, and friendly humans.

Life Motto: "Why be Moody when you can shake yo booty?"